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Knowing You Matter was birthed from our own personal experience of loss, grief, and deep need for healing when our son, Michael, died by suicide in January 2019. Our nonprofit exists to make a difference in the lives of others while raising suicide awareness and promoting emotional health and wellness in our community and beyond. It is our vision to utilize multiple levels of outreach to offer healing, build a community of connectivity and support, and bring hope to those affected by suicide:

  • To the one considering (suicide ideation)
  • To the one who’s survived an attempt
  • To those affected by the loss of a loved one by suicide

Together, our family’s goal is to break the stigma surrounding this difficult topic. We envision a multimedia approach to tell our story, as well as the stories of others. This site will continue to grow and develop as we continue to walk this journey. We feel called to share our story with others who are struggling, and we strive to continue Michael’s legacy of love. Sharing this journey is a tribute to Michael’s life and our mission is to provide you with hope and a sense of purpose in knowing that Your life matters!

Thank you for visiting our site and engaging with us in our Mission…

“Knowing You Matter exists for the purpose of showing You…the one considering, the one who’s survived, and the family and friends of the lost…Matter, through community outreach and support.”