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Grief & Trauma Process Groups

Grief & Trauma Process Group Series  

Knowing You Matter Grief & Trauma Process Groups are designed to help suicide loss survivors learn how to grieve while gaining a community of supporters who share a common experience. Part one is an 8-week session that helps survivors who may feel stuck begin to work through their grief. Part two provides a monthly check-in where group members continue to work through their grief together through activities facilitated via video instructions. Part three takes the group experience one step further, where we continue to bridge the gap between teaching what surviving is about and teaching survivors how to help others who share the common experience of suicide loss. 

Part One: Learning to Grieve  

Part one of our Grief & Trauma Process Group series provides specialized groups designed for parents who have lost a child to suicide and individuals who have lost a family member to suicide. In this group, participants learn how to start the grief process no matter which stage of grief they are in. Building on a common experience of loss, group members will find support and understanding from others who know exactly what they are going through. 

Part Two: Grieving Well Together  

Part two of our Grief & Trauma Process Group series provides continuity as members transition from the 8-week series into monthly sessions that take the grief and healing journey deeper. Monthly activities will be facilitated via video instructions and group members will do the work in their own way, while sharing their experience with their peers. 

Part Three: Grieving and Growing  

In part three of our Grief & Trauma Process Group series, group members continue their journey past simply surviving and move toward thriving as they help not only themselves but come alongside others who share the common experience of suicide loss. Together, you will support one another on your grief journeys.


Dr. Sarah Moreland

Our groups are facilitated by Dr. Sarah Moreland who brings her expertise in the areas of grief and trauma to guide this healing discussion with loss survivors.  There is no charge for the groups and class size is limited so that attendees can gain the most from their experience.

Laurie's Story: Learning to Grieve


In this short video you will hear from Laurie, a suicide loss survivor, who was able to find strength and support through our Grief and Trauma Process Groups.

Monthly Support Group for Moms

We also offer a monthly support group for moms who have lost children to suicide. The group is peer led and meets in person. Please contact for more information.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our group members:

“Having the support of women who are walking this journey is so necessary and comforting. To be with women who understand how difficult this experience is can not be explained. As a mother who has lost a child to suicide, you feel so guilty … like you weren’t a good enough mom. But sitting and talking with these beautiful women makes you see that we are great moms, which makes you feel less guilt and realize that some things are just not in your control.” ~ Support Group Participant